Bilbao Day Trip Idea: Puerto Viejo, Algorta

Bilbao can easily be seen in a weekend, and if you’re really ambitious, squeezed into 24 hours. Lots of tourists drop in before heading out to San Sebastián, but a quick trip to the Bizkaia province leaves out so many beautiful places. Puerto Viejo in Algorta – up the river from Bilbao on the coast – is one of those places that gets overlooked, leaving it for only for those who’ve done their research. Luckily, I’m here to make things easier for you and point you in the direction of a perfect Bilbao day trip.



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Basic Basque Phrases for Travelers to Basque Country

bilbao-rio-nervion In 2009, when I was preparing to move to Spain as an au pair, all I knew about the country were a few random facts stored away in my memory from a report I did in college, and maybe some bits and pieces from a high school Spanish class, like, they use vosotros there. I knew that they spoke more languages than just Spanish in certain parts of the country, but I didn’t know where exactly, or what the languages even were. 

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