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Five Years in Spain: Then & Now

Last month, my 5-year ‘Spainaversary‘ went by, almost without me noticing. Thankfully I have a little holiday by the name of Columbus Day to remind me. However, instead of Spain invading the Americas, this American invaded Spain. 5 years already. ¡Cómo pasa el tiempo!  I thought it’d be fun to take a walk down memory-lane, and […]

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Logroño: The Heart of La Rioja

When you live a short trip away from Spain’s wine country, there’s no excuse not to go (as if you needed one!) And if your mom is visiting you? An even better reason! Logroño, capital of La Rioja, made for the perfect,  slightly wine-soaked, mother-daughter weekend. Logroño ended up being the ideal introduction to La Rioja. […]

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Lourdes: Living Off of Tourism

I keep things real on this lil’ blog of mine, and when I don’t like a place (which rarely happens) I let you know. Lourdes, unfortunately, was my type of travel nightmare; like a Disneyland for Catholics. Instead of hawking Mickey and Minnie Mouse products, you had crosses, Bibles, and Jesus figurines of all colors, […]

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